What our defense clients are telling us...

Defense companies are segregating their non-U.S. citizen employees from the general cleared work force - at the request of the U.S. Department of Defense, which has taken a tougher stance toward the security of their classified information. The physical separation of employees has forced some contractors to consider terminating the jobs of non-U.S. citizens (since the application process for U.S. citizenship can take over 15 months, nearly twice as long as the review took prior to the Sept. 11 attacks).

Officials from the Defense Security Service (DSS) have called on defense contractors to implement strict adherence to their Technology Control Plans. The TCP is a document detailing how the company controls access to classified information, including the dissemination of that information to foreign nationals employed by the firm or visiting the site.

Defense contractors have said the DSS is mandating companies to abide by them. The government also has suggested new security measures for foreign nationals including unique ID badges, cleared escorts and separate work areas.

Ashton Search Group does not represent foreign nationals to our defense company clients, because their requirements to us specify potential candidates must be a U.S. Citizen - eligible for a DOD security clearance, or have an existing Secret or Top Secret clearance to be considered for employment. However, we have been successful in placing permanent residents with American companies in the commercial sector.