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Our client company is a leading developer of Detection, Tracking, Targeting, Navigation and Guidance systems designed for critical applications in electronic warfare and tactical battlefield defense systems. Their focus is on engineering and integrating solutions that facilitate the delivery of knowledge... to accelerate the decision cycle, so their customers can act with confidence... faster and more effectively. Their credentials come from applying their world-class technical capabilities to create high-value, low risk solutions.

Company's expertise ranges from design and development to integration and management of multi-disciplined technologies.

They offer industry competitive salaries, and an outstanding engineering environment that will expand your skills, while increasing your marketability.

Work side-by-side with the experts that invent the technology that others use. Engineers are the driving force behind their outstanding success. Growth has been steady and consistent, and their current hiring requirements are being driven by three major programs extending beyond 2025.

Trade up to a company that leads the industry! Opportunities at all levels.

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