Cyber Security Recruiting

Defense companies are eager to capture a share of the Cyber Security dollars that the government will be spending to secure their computers… and to break the infrastructure and security of enemy computer systems.

A National Security Directive was signed into law in January, which is commonly known as the Comprehensive National Cyber Security Initiative - estimated to cost $30 billion to implement. The initiative includes the creation of a National Cyber Security Center (to be administered by Homeland Security). The Executive Order also creates the National Infrastructure Advisory Council, which will include 30 presidential appointees from the private sector, including CEOs of companies that form the nation’s critical infrastructure. The NIAC will advise the President on issues of critical infrastructure security.

The government focus on cyber security, and the business it is generating, has created what many of our national defense clients are collectively calling “the faster-growing area of software and hardware development within the defense sector."

Besides projects on the government’s high risk list, there are 585 other projects - that are valued at more than $27 billion - on the watch list. The watch list is based on evaluating systems on several dozen criteria, including various performance measures, project management and software/hardware security. “These projects will be subcontracted to hundreds of private sector firms, and our clients don’t have the technical staff in place to handle them yet," according to Ted Sorenson, a Technical Recruiter with Ashton Search Group.

Despite an abundance of established small computer security firms that already have experience securing networks, Boeing, Raytheon and Lockheed have all launched cyber security divisions, along with over a hundred other large to mid-sized companies. They will need engineers and engineering managers with expertise in all aspects of software, firmware and hardware design, development and implementation.

Roger Trask, a partner spearheading the Cyber Security recruiting effort at Ashton Search Group, said: "Our recent survey of 63 of our 400 plus defense clients showed conclusively that protecting the networks of government and military customers is of the upmost current importance. Much of their new income will be derived directly from cybersecurity initiatives, many still in the very early planning phase. Our clients all want to be positioned to sucessfully claim some of this massive spending.”

“Our clents are collectively telling us the nation is underprepared to anticipate and defeat well funded, state sponsored cyber attacks. We are ramping up our understanding of their requirements... and exactly what technical needs they have immediately, and in the future, to successfully address their government contracts” said Ed Kaster, a technical recruiter with Ashton Search Group, specializing in cyber security recruitment. "Requirements for our client companies are coming from the Pentagon, energy and intelligence communities. They are pushing us relentlessly for experienced engineers and technical managers with cyber security experience."

Positions will specify U.S. Citizens that are “clearance eligible” -- or have an existing clearance with their current employer. These positions will not be open to foreign nationals due to clearance requirements. They will require a comprehensive government background check, and in some cases a polygraph evaluation (depending on clearance level).

“The candidates selected for these positions will be have the benefit of working with many new technologies, or improving existing technologies to take them to the next level. This will be new design and development work, and allow engineers to leverage their experience initially... and subsequently enhance their technical skills,” said Kaster.

If you are a Software Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Engineering Manager, or Project Manager with hands-on network security experience, please send us a resume today. We have current requirements for all levels from 2+ years experience to Director.

All inquires remain strictly confidential, and no action is ever taken until we speak with you to completely understand your expectations and experience. Because of security considerations, we can only represent U.S. Citizens for these opportunities. We can't make exceptions to this requirement, because our client companies must hire "clearance eligible" technical professionals, or individuals with an existing or expired security clearance.

Ashton Search Group is receiving many inquiries daily from our large defense client base and cyber security requirements are changing frequently.