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The Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS) is a U.S. military initiative to develop a family of software programmable and modular communications systems that will become the principal means of communications for warfighters in the digital battlefield environment. All waveforms, protocols, encryption, and communications processes will be implemented in Software Defined Radio (SDR) technology.

As the military moves toward a “network-centric” communications environment, they must move from legacy equipment that performed a single function (HF, UHF, VHF, SATCOM) to a family of radios that provide the means for digital information exchange. JTRS supports joint operations by providing the capability to transmit, receive, bridge and gateway among diverse waveforms and network protocols within the RF spectrum.

Ashton Search Group is recruiting in the area of SDR technology, as applied to handheld, manpack, vehicular, and base station systems. Our clients are seeking engineers and engineering managers for:

JTRS Clusters 3 & 4

The merger of JTRS Clusters 3 (Maritime and Fixed Station) and 4 (Airborne) has become a reality. The combined effort is known as the AMF (Airborne, Maritime and Fixed Station) JTRS Program.

JTRS Cluster 5

Ashton Search Group is concentrating on the Cluster 5 portion of the JTRS program - which will develop manportable and embedded radios for dismounted infantry and related communications and sensor applications. Vendors will provide seamless communication services to warfighters in operations across the U.S. military. JTRS Cluster 5 will produce the next generation of tactical systems, including Land Warrior (LW) and Future Combat Systems (FCS). The manpack and handheld radios are used in dismounted soldier operations, as well as small form factor radios and embedded transceivers for unattended ground sensors and communications relays.

JTRS Initiative Status Updated

40+ open requirements for experienced software, RF, electrical, systems and mechanical engineers and engineering managers at all levels - including a Software Systems Architect, a DSP Manager and a RF Engineering Director. Other requiremets include Project Managers (3), Program Managers (2), and Systems Managers (3).

Positions are direct hire (not consulting). All client companies offer relocation. Minimum requirements include a B.S. in an engineering discipline and eligibility for a Secret or Top Secret clearance (U.S. Citizen). Candidates with existing (or recently expired) Secret or Top Secret clearance will receive faster consideration.


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