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Software / Firmware Engineers – New Product Development

Location: Arizona

Software / Firmware Engineers needed for New Product Development. Company is a leading innovator and producer of natural resource management and control systems. Company is a renowned leader in their industry. They have won numerous prominent awards for Product Innovation and 'Best-in-Class' -- in addition to contributions to Green Technology. Their products enable maximum performance with minimum resource consumption.

Will be responsible for all phases of new product development including conceptualization, design, development, and product launch.

Compensation: $115 - 135K plus 10% bonus, depending upon experience level

Very Generous Full Relocation package is provided.


Skills in any of the following areas...

Embedded Software Development & Firmware Architecture

Microcontroller Development (Atmel, FreeScale, Microchip, etc.), RTOS, C-Compilers, ARM Cores

Network Communications

Network-connected Products, TCP/IP Stacks, Ethernet Protocols, Client/Server, Mail Protocols

Mobile Apps

iOS, Android, Front-end Frameworks, HW Components (GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi, etc.)

This is a unique chance to join a dynamic and rewarding development environment, and participate in creating innovative new products.