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Software Development Engineer - Windows, C++, OOD

Location: Clearwater, Florida

Software Developers needed for a leading producer of innovative computer user interface products, hardware peripherals and software tools. Renowned for innovation, this company's unique products incorporate advanced interactive video and speech synthesis technologies -- and are recognized as best-in-class and sold worldwide.

Successful candidate will have two or more years experience developing Windows applications using Object-Oriented design and development in C++. The ability to maintain and enhance multiple releases of software products throughout their development lifecycle is essential. Position responsibilities include:

• Consult with Product Managers and other Software Engineers to gather information about program intent, using that information to design and implement new product features;
• Codify necessary changes in software to provide required functionality;
• Create tests to find errors and confirm the software meets specifications;
• Analyze code to find causes of errors and revise programs;
• Write and maintain documentation of designs and changes to software;
• Review technical documentation written by others to confirm consistency with program operations.

Knowledge / experience is desired in some of the following areas:

• MFC, Win32 APIs, COM
• OS internals, especially Windows or Windows CE, including registry, processes/threads, DLLs, and security;
• Designing and implementing intuitive User Interfaces;
• Ability to debug and enhance existing code and take ownership of a complex technical area;
• Windows device drivers and low-level internals is a plus.

Must have a sense of urgency and drive, with a demonstrated ability to deliver a complete, working solution that meets specified deadlines. Strong verbal and written communication skills, as well as the ability to work in teams. Minimum BSCS, BSCE, BSEE, or equivalent degree required.