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Senior and Principal Level RF Engineers

Location: Arizona

Needed: Highly experienced RF Engineers with both an Analog and Digital background, to contribute in a unique R&D environment. Company is credited with developing revolutionary technologies in RF communications systems and solutions.

Will work on project teams to conceive, analyze, design, implement, test, deploy, and maintain solutions for advanced RF, analog and digital communications systems. Implementation includes algorithm development, circuit design, and hardware control.

Compensation: $130 -180K base (depending upon experience level), plus equity share


• Minimum Bachelor's degree in Engineering, Physics, Applied Math, or other equivalent field of discipline
• Advanced Engineering degree is a plus
• Demonstrated capability in RF, Analog and Digital circuit design
• Strong background in Analog and Digital communications theory

Applicable experience in any of the following:

• Signal conditioning
• Interference canceling
• Spectral methods
• Satellite communications
• Cellular communications systems
• Modern wireless protocols
• Modern modulation schemes
• Coding theory and techniques

This is a unique chance to join a dynamic and creative work environment, and participate in development, implementation, and ownership of new technology.