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Mac OS X Software Developer

Location: Clearwater, Florida

Mac OS X Software Developer needed for a leading producer of innovative computer user interface products, incorporating advanced interactive video and speech synthesis technologies. Renowned for innovation, this company's unique products are recognized as best-in-class and sold worldwide.

Successful candidate will have three or more years experience developing Mac OS X applications, and programming in C++. The ability to maintain and enhance multiple releases of software products throughout their development lifecycle is essential. Position responsibilities include:

• Consult with Product Managers and other Software Engineers to gather information about program intent, using that information to design and implement new product features;
• Codify necessary changes in software to provide required functionality;
• Create tests to find errors and confirm the software meets specifications;
• Analyze code to find causes of errors and revise programs;
• Write and maintain documentation of designs and changes to software;
• Review technical documentation written by others to confirm consistency with program operations.

Knowledge / experience is desired in some of the following areas:

• OS internals, device drivers and low-level internals;
• Designing and implementing intuitive User Interfaces;
• Ability to debug and enhance existing code and take ownership of a complex technical area;

Must have a sense of urgency and drive, with a demonstrated ability to deliver a complete, working solution that meets specified deadlines. Strong verbal and written communication skills, as well as the ability to work in teams. Minimum BSCS, BSCE, BSEE, or equivalent degree required.

Salary Range: $80 - 110K, depending upon experience level

Relocation is provided