Before the internet, candidates had to write a cover letter, address the envelope, add postage — it was labor intensive... and required some thought.

Now job seekers stack up hundreds of harvested email addresses off job boards for their "mass blast", and in a few keystrokes their unqualified resume is cluttering your inbox.

You provided the conduit, they responded to it, without regard to being even somewhat qualified. You pour through a mountain of emails with resumes attached, trying to identify a few candidates that may have the right profile, knowing that the probability of finding one is slim.

To add insult to injury, the wrong candidates are calling in to ask how they stack up, and what you are doing with their resume. They want to use your time to pitch their complete lack of credentials and experience. Not to mention the ones out of the country looking for sponsorship, and a ticket over.

Building a talented staff is a top priority for every company. To compete in today’s rapidly changing environment, many companies are tapping the hidden market of candidates. In a recent survey on corporate recruiting methods conducted by the Wall Street Journal, over 72% of managers polled said that using specialized staffing firms was the most effective and fastest way to identify top talent — and often the only way to find qualified candidates.

Hiring managers and HR specialists are constantly telling us that having a good search firm (or firms) as a partner is essential. Chances are the best prospects - that could immediately contribute to your team - are employed, and not looking. These well qualified candidates are the most difficult to attract through traditional passive advertising, because they are not checking job boards or reading print ads.

They need to be tapped on the shoulder, and sold your opportunity.

Ashton Search Group provides candidates that would be unavailable to you, but for our efforts. Exceptional talent must always be recruited.

Ashton Search Group recruiters are selective in whom they represent. You will receive carefully screened candidates that are prequalified, against your requirements, on skills, experience, salary and willingness to relocate. No speculative resumes. We are proactive in providing the hidden candidates that match your specific need, and working closely with you through the entire placement process — until he or she accepts your offer.

Ashton Search Group removes the frustration from recruiting outstanding engineering candidates, and delivers. Let us identify the individuals you want to attract and hire, while you avoid the job boards — and the candidates that you don't want.

Why do employers nationwide choose Ashton Search Group?

  • Best national source for qualified engineering and technical candidates
  • Choice of contingency, containerized or retained search... depending on your requirements and urgency
  • Search experience at all levels, including key senior management
  • High success rate in completing difficult client assignments

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