As a team of nationally known technical recruiters, we are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of confidentiality for and with our candidates.

Integrity and confidentiality are the cornerstones of our business and continued success. Information provided by or obtained from a candidate will be used only for the purpose of finding employment. We will protect the confidential information you disclose.

In the course of speaking with you relative to employment opportunities, Ashton Search Group recruiters will never ask for, or encourage you to divulge any business or trade secrets. An employer’s business secrets include any information regarding the employer’s customers, supplies, finances, research, marketing, development, product design or manufacturing processes, or any technical or business information.

All conversations, resumes, salary information and supporting documents are treated with the utmost confidence by Ashton Search Group recruiters.

ASG recruiters never provide your resume, or any other information about you, to a hiring company prior to speaking with you.

Before we present your profile to a hiring manager, we want to make sure you are open to the company, their technology and location — and that the opportunity meets your personal objectives and expectations. It is essential that we understand what is driving your search before we present your credentials to a hiring manager. The reason we have a large and loyal customer base, and have been successful for three decades, is directly attributable to understanding the candidates we represent, and presenting them accurately to our client hiring companies.

Many recruiters will receive a resume, send it to many companies speculatively, prior to speaking with the candidate — and if interest is generated by one of them, contact the candidate. In other words, you never hear from them unless they receive interest from their client(s). Additionally, you never know where your resume was sent, or how it was ultimately evaluated by the hiring company.

We believe this "shotgun" approach to recruiting is contrary to prudent business practices, and is absolutely prohibited at Ashton Search Group.

Candidate Process

  • Submit your resume either by email or on-line
  • Our technical recruiters review it (usually the same day) - and match it with our current employment opportunities. Your resume is not released or discussed with client companies at this point.
  • Once a Ashton Search Group recruiter has identified suitable matches, we will contact you. At this time, we will provide you with a description of the opportunities for your consideration.
  • You decide whether or not to pursue the opportunity. If your decision is affirmative, we will present your profile to the hiring company. If you decide against pursuing the particular opportunity, your resume will be evaluated against new opportunities as they become available.

In order to properly present you to our client company as a viable and qualified candidate, we must understand not only your technical background, but what is motivating you, both personally and professionally.